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Login Help

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This is the password you chose when you first registered, or if you are a QCC user, it is your QCC password. Your password may be mixed case,
meaning uppercase and lowercase letters are considered different from each other. For example, 'Rails' and 'rails' are different passwords when
ESS is configured with mixed case passwords. Be sure to check your CAPS-LOCK key if you are getting password errors.

Passwords may expire, depending on the configuration options chosen for your district. Typically you will be notified by the system in advance of
your password expiring (and thus becoming invalid). Once you login you may have permission to change your password at any time. If your
password has expired before logging-in you will be required to create a new password, after supplying your expired password, and will have to

You may have been assigned a temporary password. In this case, when you login supplying your temporary password, you will be required to
create a new password, and will need to re-login.

If you have forgotten your password and the "forget password?" link is visible click this link and enter your personal answer to the challenge
question. If you answer this question correctly a temporary password will be emailed to your primary email address. Once you receive the email,
you can use the temporary password to login, where you'll follow the process for temporary passwords outlined above.
Note: some districts may not support password challenge questions. 

If you selected the 'Domain' user-type on the login screen, enter your domain password. Note that domain passwords cannot be reset with the
"forget password?" link.

See the general login help text for more information by clicking the 'help' link in the upper right-hand corner.
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